When Lindsey Graham gets involved something is imminent

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When Lindsey Graham gets involved something is imminent

Postby Babadung » Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:37 pm

Greetings to all.
The time is fast approaching for this major conflict which I have been predicting for the past decade or so. As the news channels and political pundits are scrambling to put a face to the rhetoric that is coming out of Washington, little do they know how close we are to a major conflict.
As I have mentioned before, this whole thing has nothing to do with Iran Nuclear Deal, nor it has anything to do with the repressive Iranian regime. Iran knows its limits so does the U.S.. What's obvious is the fact that Iran used 40 years of indirect support by the Western world and Israel to promote militant Shiasm throughout the Middle East with remarkable results. Those efforts by Iran, coupled by Western support spawned a militant branch of Shia not known to the region for centuries. Now is the time to use this transformation and turn it into a Sunni-Shia conflict with devastating consequences for the entire world. The instigators of this war won't use overwhelming military force. This war has to drag on like the Iran-Iraq conflict of the 80's. This war has to have a Sunni-Arab element to it or 40 years of babying Iran will be a futile effort. These days there are no effective borders between Lebanon and the Islamic Republic of Iran thanks to Bush and Cheney. You can literally transfer armaments and soldiers from the coast of Mediterranean to the coast of Persian Gulf with great ease, thanks to a border-less Shia crescent. These poor people have no idea what's coming to them.


Please Watch Lindsey Graham's interview on Foxnews:
http://video.foxnews.com/v/581290740900 ... show-clips