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My dear Afghan brothers and sisters Salaam.
I don't know where everybody is in this forum? But If you can't participate, at least read my End Time news and analysis on regular basis. The events which will unfold in the near future will blow you away. Please read my warnings and act accordingly. This thread is one of my important analysis.

Here are my analysis (written in red) to the following news:


World War 3 fears: Iran-Saudi conflict enters 'UNPREDICTABLE' phase

THE ONGOING conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran will become even more “unpredictable” in the coming months, experts have warned.
I have been saying this for the past several years when there was never a problem between these two countries (Babadung)

Developments in the conflict between Yemeni Houthi rebels and Saudi Arabia amid Yemen’s civil war, in which the Saudis have backed the government, could destabilize the region, a leading analyst has said.
destabilize the region? Are you kidding me? How about WWIII (Babadung)

The ongoing conflict, widely seen as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, could become even more volatile in the wake of a missile fired at Riyadh earlier this week.
Yes, That is exactly right. The intensity and frequency and accuracy of missiles will increase dramatically (Babadung)

The attempted attack, which was intercepted mid-air over the south of the Saudi capital, targeted Saudi leaders in a royal palace.

Previous attacks have led the Saudis to accuse Iran of acts of war, as Tehran has backed the Houthi rebels and is accused of supplying their missiles.
Please don't put the horse in front of the cart Rebecca. We are not exactly sure who supplies those missiles. (Babadung)

Marcus Chevenix, Middle East analyst at TS Lombard, said the Saudis’ conflict with Iran had become “unpredictable” as the conflict continued.
I agree. The keyword is "unpredictable". Unpredictable in this context means breakout of hostilities overnight, invasion of neighboring lands by either Iran or Saudi Arabia, unprovoked attacks on oilfields and closure of Strait of Hormuz. (Babadung)

He told CNBC: “I really struggle to predict what's going to happen next.
But I know and I'm not struggling with it. You see Marcus, your thinking based along the lines of how the so called civilized world has conducted politics in the past century or so with often predictable outcomes. What you see between Iran and Saudi Arabia is anything but routine politics and bitter outcome. (Babadung)

“This is the first time for a very long time that there hasn't been an external arbiter in the Middle East who basically defines everyone's diplomatic relationships.

“For a long time it was America and Russia, then it was just America and now there's no one.
Bingo! You came straight to the point. And a very important point. This is how the Pentagon with its 80,000 smart minds operate. For example, when the politics of the day call for the removal of someone like Saddam Hussein, they'll find him and pull him out of his burrow like a rat. And on the flip side, a country like Iran which is no match for the U.S. is feared and entered into negotiation. Like the saying in Dari "Az magas feel jor mekonand wa az feel magas). Meaning, "they can create an elephant out of a fly and a fly out of an elephant" instantaneously. whatever suits their desire will be implemented. The politics of the day calls for no arbiter. Meaning, a war is inevitable. But on the contrary, they work as agitators in the background. (Babadung)

“So there's a power vacuum and that power vacuum is pretty recent. The Iranians saw it first and Saudi Arabia has only really been engaging in this kind of rivalry for the last five years.”
Like I said in the above paragraph, the power vacuum was deliberately created to give Shia Iran an upper hand and strengthen its sphere of influence from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. I also agree that Saudi Arabia just woke up from a long hibernation and found itself surrounded by Shiites. Too late for KSA (Babadung)

Mr Chevenix explained that after the death of former Yemeni leader Ali Abdullah Saleh, the conflict had become “a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran”.

Houthi rebels killed Saleh, who they supported after he was deposed by an uprising in 2011, when he decided to end his allegiance with them in November.

He said: “That makes it much more troublesome and it makes it a lot more about Saudi. I would expect to see a lot more missiles coming out of Yemen.”

Rebels claimed the December 19 attempted attack on the royal palace signalled a “new chapter” in the conflict.

Witnesses described hearing a blast and seeing a plume of smoke over the Saudi capital as the missile was shot down before it could reach its target.
Some of these missiles may even find its way into the oilfields and commercial areas of Saudi Arabia, which may force for KSA to retaliate against Iranian interest in the region. (Babadung)

Saudi palaces, military and oil facilities are within range of such missiles fired from Yemen, the Houthis said, according to a statement distributed via their television channel al-Masirah.
I wrote the same thing above without even reading this paragraph. I agree 100%. (Babadung)

Their statement appeared to back up Mr Chevenix’s suggestion that there will be further missile attacks - making the region all the more volatile.
Not only there will be missile attacks, it'll lead to a global a catastrophe. (Babadung) ... redictable

The faith of the world hangs on the shoulders of these two
Yemenis inspect the damage after a missile attack on rebel-held territory
Yemenis inspect the damage after a missile attack on rebel-held territory