Qatar is isolated to Breakup GCC to start war

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Qatar is isolated to Breakup GCC to start war

Postby Babadung » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:06 pm

Isolation of Qatar is adding fuel to the fire of Middle East war rhetoric

Here are headlines and news excerpts:

--US sells F-15 fighter jets to Qatar in $12B arms deal despite Trump accusations.

--Two U.S. warships arrived at Hamad port in Qatar as part of a planned joint military exercise involving marine forces, Qatar's state news agency said on Wednesday.

--Five Iranian planes filled with food have landed at Doha airport as the blockade against Qatar by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries starts to bite.

--But it is mostly because Qatar and Iran share the world’s largest natural gas field, known in Qatar as North Field and in Iran as South Pars.

--Just how far Trump and his Arab friends are prepared to take this, remains to be seen. But Trump has repeatedly suggested that the whole point of having a military is to use it.

--Food items from Turkey are lining up the shelves in stores across Qatar after several of its neighbors imposed an economic blockade on the tiny Gulf nation during the holy month of Ramadan.

--Analysis: Why is Turkey deploying troops to Qatar? | Qatar | Al Jazeera

--Terrorist Attacks Pour Gas on Saudi-Iranian Rivalry and Gulf Tensions

--Turkey prepares to send troops to Qatar in conflict with Saudi Arabia

--Iran Blames Saudi Arabia For Terrorist Attack, Supporting ISIS; Vows "Revenge

Babadung Corner:

I have been contributing to this forum for almost 20 years, and I have made bold predictions regarding the situation in the Middle East. The majority of my predictions have come true, but this coming Shia/Sunni war in the Middle East is nothing like you have seen before. Can you imagine stray dogs and cats roaming the streets of Dubai? (These are the ones that haven't been trapped for meat harvesting) Can you imagine Burj e Khalifa toppled? Can you imagined Saudi Arabia's oil fields destroyed and it's citizens crammed up in the holly cities of Mecca and Medina? These are just a few of the thousands of scenarios that could engulf the gulf states (no pun intended). All Middle East experts are pointing to the fact that the time is ripe for a conflict that will eventually engulf the whole world.

President Trump a few days ago chastised Qatar as a sponsor of terrorism, and announced today that $12 billion worth of military airplanes will be sold to Qatar. Why such a contradiction in U.S. foreign policy? The first message is to line up Qatar's enemies, and the second message is to strengthen Qatar for the coming war. It reminds me of former U.S. ambassador, April Gillespie's remarks about giving green light to Saddam Hussain to invade Kuwait.

Low oil prices is also a contributing factor in all this. There is no longer enough money to go around for everyone. Saudi needs oil to be at around $90 and not $50 which it is now. Discontent fuels war of words.

Global warming also plays a part in all this. As mercury rises so does tempers.

U.S. needs a reset so does the world. It seems more and more that U.S. is not the world powerhouse as it used to be. It's challenged in South-China sea, Middle East, Europe and elsewhere. U.S. is also under tremendous debt. A war in the Middle East will serve two purposes:
1- The U.S. will eventually invade Saudi Arabia's eastern oil fields and push the Arabs to the holly cities of Mecca and Medina. This act will oil starve the rest of the world including China and India, thus crushing their economies, which could also lead to WWIII.
2- The U.S. could reset all it's debt obligations to China, Japan and Europe.

This is why I have been saying this for the past 10 years that the major reasons behind Iraq invasion was to give Iraq to Iran and strengthen Shia block from Mediterranean to Persian Gulf, so Shia Iran can project it's power freely throughout Shia Arab lands. This is why Obama administration never followed up on its "redline" threat on Syria. Iran-backed Shia government of Syria had to be babied in order to keep the Shia chain-link strong.

Now the last straw that will break the camel's back will be the isolation of Qatar by Gulf courtiers and Egypt, and Qatar siding with Iran and Turkey. What will break the camel's back will

It's obvious that Gulf states have a lot in stake in all this. They are angry at Qatar because Qatar is risking everything they have worked for decades in terms of economic prosperity. Accusing Qatar of spreading and supporting terrorism is non-sense, since Saudi Arabia itself is the #1 sponsor of terrorism in the world. The Gulf States are isolating Qatar because Qatar is bringing Islamist ideas to the Gulf by supporting Muslim brotherhood. Saudi's are in fact saying "Do as I say and not as I do". Taliban, Al-shabab, ISIS, Al-Qaeda are proxies for the rest of the Muslim world NOT the Gulf States. But this time chickens are on their way to the Gulf State skyscrapers to roost.

Once the first shot is fired, the war will spread like a wildfire. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain on one side, Turkey, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah on the other side. U.S. will support the former and Russia the latter. The ugliness of this war will be written in textbooks and taught in history classes. (IF THIS WAR DOES NOT END THE WORD). The brutality of ISIS compare to this war will be like having a 12pack of cold beer under a palm tree in one of Bahamas Exumas Island.

Stay Tuned for more........


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